Camping Rules


The Regulation is established in order to protect all guests staying at INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA.
These rules shall specify the conduct of guests and how to use the equipment and the facilities of the campsite.
The entrance to the campsite involves the acceptance and full compliance with this Regulation, and it may be supplemented by additional rules that the Management of INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA deems appropriate to issue. The staff of INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA must enforce it and report any breaches to the Management. Failure to comply with this Regulation shall be sufficient grounds for expulsion from the campsite. The price list is part of this Regulation.
The Reception is open daily from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm. Any change in the times of all services, will be announced promptly in a poster at the reception


Per telefon +39079584070, Fax +39079584058 and via e-mail ( Reservation requests must be confirmed: with a deposit equal for a pitch for tent: 150,00 Euro , pitch for Camper or Caravan: 250,00 Euro, accommodation Bungalow: 400,00 Euro, accommodation Caravan: 250,00 Euro by bank transfer. Upon receipt of the deposit, the customer will receive a confirmation via Email on the announced address.

In case of cancellation, the deposit will be refunded (less of secretarial fees – 20.00 Euro, postal and bank charges) only if the cancellation is communicated within 40 days of arrival, after this date the deposit will not be refunded.

All bookings are subject to a minimum stay of 1 week in the low and mid seasons and 2 weeks in the high season.
The balance of the reserved stay will be paid on the day of arrival during the cash desk opening hours. In the event of early departure, the entire reserved stay must still be paid for.

Bungalow and Caravan are ready for occupation at 02:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and needs to be Ieft until 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. In the case of a late departure an additional day shall be paid and the keys or plaque with the pitch number must be handed in by 09:00 p.m. (21:00 o’ clock)


In the moment of the arrival, the guests of the campsite must give their valid identity documents for registration, one for each guest, according to the mandatory provisions of applicable law, and to examine the regulation. Please note that the conferment of your data through the card of identity is required. The Registration will be communicated to the local public security, via electronic data transmission, according to the legal regulation.

All guests must be provided with an identification bracelet that will be provided at check-in, it will also be mandatory to wear it for the duration of the stay and will be removed during check-out by the staff. People who will be found without a pass will be asked to leave the facility.

The guest of the pitches takes at the Reception a plate with the number of the pitch, or receives the key of the accommodation. In the moment of the departure the plate with the number of the pitch (or the key of the accommodation) needs to be returned entire / undamaged. You are kindly requested to be careful not to lose and not to damage the plate, the key or the key chain, as in case of missing or deterioration we will be forced to charge the cost of amounting € 5.00.
The entrance of the day visitors from the guests at the campsite is subject to the consent of the Management. If admitted, they must submit their proof of identity (Identity Card) and, if staying for more than 2 hours, the visitor needs to pay the daily fee. Only in this case they can use the service of the campsite. The same will have to leave the campsite before 8.00 p.m.


The arrival to the campsite can be done at 08.00 a.m. to 07.30 p.m. Access to the campsite – outside these times – can be regulated on arrival. However, regardless of the time of arrival, the residence of the first day is calculated from the moment of arrival until the following day 12:00 noon. Any stay exceeding this specified time is calculated as an additional day.
Each camper is instructed to pay attention to his property by himself. It can not be assigned responsibility to the Management, neighter for any lost or damaged objects , nor for any injuries or accidents in the campsite which are attributable to the negligence of the guest. Should a guest find lost objects inside the campsite, must surrender this to the front desk.
The pitches can be chosen by the guest – together with the Staff – of course based on the needs of the guest, and in accordance with the possibilities and the availability of camping. After selection the pitch, the camping guest is obliged to register, and then to apply the pitch directly. A possible pitch change must be previously authorized by the court staff before.
After the luggage is unloaded, the vehicle must be parked in the specially designated parking area – in regard to the rest period, were not can be driven inside the campsite. This applies to cars and motorcycles.
If its required electricity, the guest has to wait for the court staff, which will open the Electricity box near the pitch, for connecting the power cable.
During his stay, the camping guest is asked to avoid loud noise and disturbance of neighbors / other guests, also outside the prescribed rest periods, should generally be avoided noise, thereby to guarantee a peaceful coexistence.
The camping guests have to use the provided electrical and sanitary installations according to the intended purpose and not to divert it from its indendend use.
The dishwashing as the laundry is allowed only to the intended sink.
It is forbidden to wash the vehicle inside the camping area and at the camper services.
The sinks, tubs, showers and toilets may only be used in the correct way – and on the basis of the intended purpose and must be left clean, in view of the fact, that the sanitary facility are used by all guests.
Children must always be accompanied in the use of various facilities, toilets and swimming pool. The complementary use of gym equipment and sports-entertainment will be under the responsibility of the guests themselves.
Before the final abandonment of the campsite, the guests has the obligation to notify the departure from the campsite and settle the invoice for services received. The balance of invoices can be run from 8.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. for departures and from 05.00 p.m. to 07.00 p.m.
Guests staying in the housing units must leave the accommodation no later than 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure. If you request a late check-out, this must be requested at booking time or upon arrival, the Management reserves the right to approve or not the departure times other than those specified, depending on the availability of the units and also can take charge of the whole night over the time allowed.
Guests staying on pitch, must leave clear the same before 12.00 p.m. If they intend to use the services of the campsite until 8.00 p.m. it is required to notify the Reception and to pay the quote of one more day.
If a Camping guests needs to depart before the official opening times of the front desk (consequently the barrier for the night is still closed and impassable for vehicles) are obliged to balance the invoice the night before – not later than 07.00 p.m., to keep the receipt with him and to load the car with the luggage the evening before, so he can start from the parking area early in the morning. There are no exceptions, during the night to drive out of the camping area by vehicle.
The Management reserves the right to make periodic checks on the campsite in order to verify the exact correspondence between the number of people declared and those actually present. The people inside the campsite surprises, not authorized by the Management, will be sued for trespass pursuant to art. 614 of Criminal Code.


In the campsite is mandatory to separate collection (subdivision of the damp, plastic, glass, paper and varied). Guests are required to use the bins for the garbage that are inside the campsite, at their disposal.
It is forbidden to leave or dispose of solid waste outside of containers provided for that purpose. 
It is required to the guests to maintain order and cleanliness in the area where camping.
It is strictly forbidden to damage trees and campsite equipment as well as digging pits around the tent, pour boiling liquid, salt or rejection on the ground and light a fire outdoors.
The campsite is equipped with fire equipment and fire extinguishers.
It is forbidden to light open fire. In cases the Management considers that there is no danger of fire, it is allowed to use the charcoal grill ONLY in the permitted area.
It is forbidden to indroduce at the campsite highly flammable fuels, explosive material etc.
In case of fire inside the campsite or in its immediate vicinity, it is the duty of the guests to cooperate in fighting operations


For our four-legged friends the campsite has created an specially area and is called DOG – AREA
In the camping, pets are allowed and it must submitted a copy of the vaccination certificate upon the Check – Inn. Inside the camp and to the shared areas, dogs must be ALWAYS on a leash and under control of the owner. In addition, the dogs must be accompanied in the DOG – AREA and are not to leave there alone. The DOG – AREA has to be left clean and the dog owner should use the proper tools (broom and bag).
Any damages caused to third parties by animals, the ped owner is responisble.
The pet owners have to take care that their pets, do not disturb the immediate neighbors and other guests.
Failure to follow this simple rules, can cause, that the management issued a dismissal.


-Access to the pool is permitted only to those in possession of the pass.

– The by the Management established opening and closing hours of the pool have to be respected of all guests.
– Who is visiting the pool area, accepts the prescribed rules
– Those who do not respect this Regulation will be banned from the pool area by the service staff
– It is prohibited to use the pool when no pool staff is present or while is carried out maintance work.
– Before entering the pool, it is obligatory to use the shower
– It is obligatory to use the bathing cup
– Do not contaminate water with the nasal mucus, phlegm or similar excrement
– You may use the pool if you are in good health with clean costumes. No admittance to people with: open wounds, skin eruptions, eczema or any other skin disease, people with: coughs, bronchial inflammation, eye or ear disorders
– Uncivilized behavior is not accepted. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol / drunk or under the influence of drugs or pharmaceutical is prohibited entering the pool.
– If the staff considered that guests are present with an improper behaviour, which endangers the safety of the other bathers, it is authorized by the management to send them off from the pool area.
– Not permitted: diving, running, splashing the water and general playing around that can annoy other users
– No smoking, drinking or eating
– Not permitted: shampoo, soap, gel in the shower and in the pool
– No admittance to animals 
– Not permitted: scuba diving, the use of boats, swimming with breathing apparatus, inflatable airbeds, fins / flippers,
– Not permitted: glass ware. Don’t bring any glass bottles in the swimming pool area
– Not permitted to bring: balls, footballs, tennis rackets, other sports accessories. 
– The management is not civil and criminal liability for lost of valuables, as well as for any accidents caused by the bather or by third parties due to non-compliance with these rules.
– By using the swimming pool all the facilities are to handle with care and attention. Any damage must be compensated.
– Each person is responsible for the damage that cause by himself. If it appears, there is requested to inform the staff
– Children under 8 years must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult all the time. Infants have the obligation to wear special diapers.
– The lifeguard is responsible for the pool and surrounding bathing facilities.He can take masures, to grant to compliance with this Regulation and has the right, guests who do not follow these rules, to send them off from the swimming pool.
– The management can reserve the pool for public performances
– The management reserve the right to close the pool in cases of bad weather conditions
– Access to the pool is only permitted through the entrance gate
– We would like to inform our guests that, in the case of closure of the swimming pool caused by unscheduled maintenance work, there are no refunds , because it is a free service of the campsite. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

The Management would like to thank you for the friendly cooperation. 
For further information please do not hesitate to contact the front desk – during the opening hours – or via phone: 0039079 / 584070