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The International Camping Valledoria, close to Castelsardo, between Stintino and Santa Teresa di Gallura, suggests to its guests the following events:

Following the details of the events:


Loc. VALLEDORIA - 3 Km from INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA | Elev.: 11 mt. a.s.l. | 
Event date: Extimated May

English The celebrations are held in honor of the saint, to Saturday, with an evening dedicated to the music and the songs of the Sardinian tradition, followed by cabaret shows. On Sunday morning, the procession accompanying the simulacrfo from the Church of the Holy Bassenthwaite to that of San Pietro a Mare, where Mass will be celebrated. On the evening of Sunday, there will be the Sardinian dances of the folk group and a performance by a local band. On Monday, a lunch in the pine forest and a raffle with great prizes.

Are you interested to the event 'FESTA DI SAN PIETRO CELESTINO' ? Contact INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA for more information.


Event date: Extimated March

English Very important festival is that of Lunissanti (Holy Monday in dialect castellanese). And 'the Monday preceding Easter, the day after Palm Sunday, which is celebrated in an ancient rite and suggestive. It all takes place between Tergu and Castelsardo. According to a ritual born in the eleventh century, probably by the Benedictine monks, the day starts in the sight of a beautiful sunrise over the sea, with a celebration at the altar of Criltu Nieddu by ancient and unique, in the church S. Maria in Castelsardo. This rite precedes the pilgrimage at a time of Tergu. The procession slowly enriched by the public along the 8 km that separate the two centers and start, crossing the Avenue of the Benedictines, to the church of Our Lady of Tergu. The procession has its protagonists in the twenty-four members of the brotherhood of the oratory of Santa Croce Castelsardo. They are divided into: the Apostuli parading hooded carrying the Mysteries representing the Passion, Crucifixion and Death, and the Deposition of Christ; interspersed Li singers forming three choirs of four voices performing the old songs (Miserere, Stabat Mater, Jesu) source pregregoriana. The choirs that open and close the procession accompanied by symbols that distinguish them as lu lu gabu Moltu, the pieddai or ecce homo and lu crocifissu. The first two choruses are followed by four mysteries each, which are: lu Caligi, the guanta, the caddena, the column, these schemes, the crogi, lu malteddu and Tinaglia, spear and sponge, the last chorus is followed the symbol of the crucifix. Once at the Basilica of the Tergu apostuli, with all the faithful following, are received by the ecclesiastical authorities and, renewing the tradition, the mysteries are arranged before the altar and are presented to the Madonna while spreads singing dell'Attitu to opera singers of the experts. The public who attended the event, every year numerous, after the service, lunch is organized for lunch around the basilica, in the best tradition country. In the evening we leave for Castelsardo where you arrive late at night. The lighting is properly turned off and the procession continues in the beautiful streets of Old Town under the striking light of torches on the walls, and those hand held by brothers and sisters. The procession arrives at the little Church of St. Mary, where the ceremony ends and the mysteries are presented to the people looking entranced in silence. It tends to be traced back to medieval times this ceremonial given the presence in the ritual of polyphonic songs characteristic of its era. But the solemnity of the sacred representation, in all its expressions, leads us to consider the presence of influences arising from the Spanish presence in the town of Castellana. Texts, photos and information obtained through the tourist site of Tergu.

Are you interested to the event 'LUNISSANTI' ? Contact INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA for more information.


Loc. VIDDALBA - 8 Km from INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA | Elev.: 11 mt. a.s.l. | 
Event date: Extimated April

English It will be great celebration in the square in Santa Maria Coghinas Crimea , the spa has become common in all respects after the opening of the plant in Casteldoria . Coghinese in the country , in fact, there will be the culinary event of the festival of the artichoke. It was on April 25, 2008, when he was inaugurated the first festival of tasty vegetable is rich in nutritional properties , and that in the lower valley is considered the jewel in the crown of being the most cultivated crops . The organizers, with their right intuition , they wanted to know and sponsor the beauty of the area and that of the products of the countries involved . So for lovers of nature walks will be the right occasion to visit the city park and also Casteldoria finally after long years of waiting , the spa Casteldoria which was opened to the public . So why not, maybe be able to schedule some therapy session . Of note are several tasty deliciousness of the food distributed in the area.

Are you interested to the event 'SAGRA DEL CARCIOFO' ? Contact INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA for more information.


Event date: Extimated May

English The Cavalcade takes place in the city of Sassari. It is a parade of traditional Sardinian costumes , dancing and horse racing. The parade of traditional Sardinian costumes this year celebrates 66 years . The Cavalcade , a must- May Sassari , has its historical roots in 1899 , when he organized the first parade was held in honor of the visit to the city of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita . It is an ancient cultural manifestation and folk that is the parade on foot, on horseback or on traccas ( the characteristic floats decorated with flowers and everyday objects ) , groups from all over Sardinia. Participants wearing the typical costume of the place of origin, often embellished with embroidery and manicured filigree jewelry . The event continues in the afternoon citizen racecourse where horses and riders perform acrobatic figures in bold pariglie and to end in the evening in the Piazza of Italy with Sardinian traditional songs and dances to the tune of launeddas and accordions, that span good part of the night.

Are you interested to the event 'CAVALCATA SARDA' ? Contact INTERNATIONAL CAMPING VALLEDORIA for more information.
(The distances are in straight line. The real travel distance may be different)
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