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The Camping International Camping Valledoria offers the following main services: swimming pool, bar, restaurant-pizzeria, sports, market, animation, bike rental, wheelbarrows, gas service and dog area. Swimming pool: a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by the Mediterranean greenery.
At the pool there is a large area for relaxation, with naturally shaded areas and other sunny.

from 7.00 until 24.00 pm, with a lunch break, is running the bar, where you can have breakfast, sit back with a drink, enjoy a wonderful ice cream, sip a cocktail, or simply have a coffee. At the bar you can also buy ice, or make free use of a comfortable freezer where to freeze your 'ice-boxes'.
At the bar you can buy tokens for the game room, and have the equipment to play ping-pong. Restaurant-Pizzeria: the following hourly: lunch from 12.00 to 15.00 and dinner from 19.00 to 22.30.
During the evening hours is also the Pizzeria department function. The dishes, as well as pizzas, can be enjoyed sitting down outside, or in the restaurant, though the weather is cold or windy. You can savor the finest traditional Sardinian dishes based on fish and Mediterranean dishes.
Upon request we offer special menus for intolerant to certain foods and children's menus. All dishes, as well as pizzas, can also be 'takeaway'.

although of small dimensions, is able to provide both food and beverages, that small materials for your campsite (batteries, campingas cylinders, electrical cables, light bulbs, etc.). Food also include the delicatessen departments, fruit and vegetables, frozen foods, etc.
in addition to the meat department with fresh meat and special cuts (these on order).
There is not the fish. Sports activities:
- The court at the appropriate field.
Included in the price range where you are devoid of your own equipment, we can provide both racquets that the balls.
- On request, you can play basketball: in this case provide the proper ball
- The beach volleyball: consistent with the shape of the beach is set up a small field of beach volleyball, whose use is free
- On request you can also play volleyball.
The ball comes from the campsite.
- The bowling alley with bowls provided by the campsite, is free.
You only pay a small flat fee for the light if you want to play in the evening
- You can then play soccer in the small purpose-equipped field.

In July and August is running a small animation, dedicated only to children, who can find a way to have fun, socialize with other children, maybe of different nationalities, being able to expand their knowledge and why not , to learn the basics of different languages. The activity takes place, in the morning, at sea or in the pool, if the weather does not allow to use the beach.
In the afternoon, still at sea, or in the meeting room with games and possibly the preparation of the shows. The evening with the representation of the talent shows specifically adapted and with the baby dance. Participation is free and voluntary.

Bike Rental
at the reception you can rent bicycles for short trips or just to make a little bit of physical activity. You can rent a bike for a few hours, or day. free option can be the seat for children, the luggage rack in the trash, the helmet. wheelbarrows Access to the camping with your vehicles is regulated by schedules.
Outside of these hours, being denied access to the camping area, you can possibly carry bulky or heavy products, taking advantage of wheelbarrows that will facilitate the task.
Once used, it is advisable to bring the wheelbarrow into the parking lot. Gas service: guests staying in the pitch may have gas needed for cooking.
You can directly buy a cylinder, which, upon request at the reception, will be delivered to your pitches, or, especially in the case of short stays, you can rent a car for a daily flat rate.
In this case, in addition to the cylinder, it will be provided with the tube and the corresponding regulator.

Dog Area
our furry friends must be kept, always, strictly on a leash: kids, or simply many people may be afraid and have unpleasant reactions.
Unfortunately, even the most obedient and docile animal, if irritated, might have an unpleasant reaction.
Even in the pitch or on the beach, the dog must be kept on a leash. We have therefore set up a special area, which features, among other things, tools for practicing agility dog, where our friend can run freely without causing any kind of disturbance and perhaps socialize with other canine friends.
Also in this area, as clearly throughout the campsite, it is good practice to collect any excrement, throwing them in the 'undifferentiated waste containers'..
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